white gold Diamond Jewelry

Read This Before You Buy White Gold Diamond Ring

If you want to buy white gold diamond ring, there are several things you must pay attention.

Why have to be white gold?

Actually is more about personal taste. White looks more fresh, modern and can match with almost any dress or suit. And just for note, men who don’t wear jewelry or ring in his life (but his girl want him to wear engagement or wedding ring, to show other girls that he is not available) usually choose white gold ring because the color is more neutral and so it can still match if he wear t-shirt.

14K or 18K?

Pure gold (24K) is soft material so it has to mix with other materials to make it harder. 14K gold contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloys by weight, while 18 K gold contains 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloys by weight. That’s mean 14K gold is slightly harder than 18K gold.

The Diamond

4c: before you buy diamond, it is better if you learn about the 4c (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat). If you want to buy an expensive diamond, you should buy certified diamond.

The Setting

Besides style and design, You should also consider the construction of the setting, is it strong enough to hold the diamond, is it protect the vulnerable point of the diamond, for example protect the corners of princess cut diamond, whether the ring setting will block the light that makes the diamond is not sparkle as supposed to be and the last one is the material to used for the setting. You should choose the material that strong enough but still have ductility characteristic, because if its brittle and your ring got impact, it will break, not bent and you will loose your diamond..whoops. Ask your jeweler for more information.

Diamond Cut

There are many diamonds cut style you may choose. The most common that chosen by people is round brilliant cut and princess cut, it’s because they create more sparkle and shine known as “fire” than other types of cut. You also must pay attention into two aspects of the cut, which is polish and symmetry. If the diamond not well polished, the surface of the diamond may not reflective and the sparkle won’t come out or it will be blurred. If the symmetry is poor, it will cause the light that enter the diamond won’t reflect to the surface of the diamond, but it will exits the diamond