White Gold Ring

White gold ring has been increasingly popular for wedding or engagement ring, because it seems more fresh, with an affordable price.

White gold ring can be used for men and women. Some men said they prefer to wear gold ring white yellow gold ring, because it seems more neutral and not too flashy, so they are not afraid to use them in daily activities.

Before buying white gold ring, it is good to know some facts about it.

What is the white gold ring?

White gold ring is a mixture of gold with other materials such as silver, nickel or palladium. The reason why gold should be mixed with other materials because "white" is not a natural color of gold, so it must be mixed with other materials to make it white. In addition, pure gold (24K) is too soft, it must be mixed with other materials harder than the gold. This 14K gold ring average is slightly harder than gold ring 18K, 14K, because gold ring contains higher percentage of metal 18K gold ring.

White Gold Ring quality Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating often used to improve the white color of the ring in white gold. Anyway, the best quality white gold ring does not require rhodium plating to make it white. Nickel can cause allergies in some people, I suggest you use white gold ring with a mixture of palladium. However, if you have sensitive skin, you can still use nickel containing white gold ring with a condition that the ring is covered with rhodium, as rhodium is a hypo-allergenic material.


After a certain period of constant use, the color of the white gold ring may be annoying, and the color changed to green or yellow in some areas. When this happens, simply bring it to the goldsmith to replated / rhodium coated with a reasonable price. For the maintenance of all days, May you use hot water (do not use boiling water), soft brush and mild soap (I recommend using soap free detergent) to clean your ring white gold.