White Gold Jewelry

White Gold Jewelry
White Gold Jewelry, the Perfect Choice
Before you say why the white gold jewelry is the best choice, you need to know how to make jewelry in white gold.

There is no pure white gold. White gold is a mixture of gold with at least one white metal as silver, nickel or palladium, it is more replated rhodium to enhance its white color. The main reason why gold should be mixed with other metals into gold is to make it more difficult, it will not be folded easily and maintain their shape. In this case also appears white gold.

14 pieces of gold more than 10 parts other metals 14K gold will create, while 18 gold coins, plus 6 other pieces of metal will create or 18K. Or if it is mixed with nickel will be difficult to create white gold, but because it is fragile characteristic, it is not a wise choice to use it as a jewel settings. Plus some people have said they have allergic reactions to nickel. For these reasons, the gold mixed with palladium is a better choice.

If your white gold jewelry is beginning to change color after a certain period of time and constant use, do not worry, you can replated new rhodium. Simply put your jewelry jewelry, they will know what to do.

More and more people are choosing jewelry white gold jewelry yellow gold, because it seems more fresh and modern, but also neutral. White gold with a match of colors, whether the color of your skin, your clothes, your hair, your shoes, your purse, nothing. White gold jewelry can also match your outfit. You can wear a t-shirt and jeans with white gold jewelry and there is beautiful.

Platinum Vs White Gold Jewelry Jewelry. The platinum jewelry is more durable and more pure than white gold. So why not buy jewelry in platinum instead of white gold jewelry? Because the price is much higher than the white gold jewelry. Yes, we can save money to buy jewelry in platinum, but I think it is not necessary.
White Gold Jewelry
Let me give you an example: If you save your two months salary to buy jewelry in platinum, and even jewelry that you wear on each occasion, is not it boring? If you buy white gold jewelry, you can have at least two types of platinum jewelry in a gem with the same price. So, you have more collections of jewelry and you have greater choice of mix and match your outfit and occasion.

White gold jewelry is an ideal choice because it is clear, bright, fresh and modern, with an affordable price